More iPad 3 Parts Leak ahead of its Launch

black iPad

iPad 3 Power On/Off Flex Cable Switch Replacement parts have been leaked which pinpoints little change with respect to its iPad 2 counterpart. Few days back, parts for iPad 3 dock connector and ribbon cable were leaked. The new parts carry a very similar form factor and shows just a little different arrangement in internal circuitry. However, no other detail can be drawn out of these images, as yet.

Digitimes is already chiming on the upcoming third generation iPad. The Asian newspaper claims Apple is working on an iPad 3 and that it will make its way to retail stores in October this year.

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The existence of a part does not always mean that it will make its way into the final iPad 3 retail model. Manufacturers are often asked to develop multiple versions of parts to test out different functionalities and many of them don’t make it past the Apple’s research lab.

What could be the expected upgrades in third generation iPad is still unknown. Most of the rumors points out that iPad 3 will get LTE support, a retina display, a faster processor, more RAM; and possibly a dual-mode wireless chip to support both CDMA and GSM networks. What do you think about a leaked iPad 3′s Power On/Off Flex Cable and the effect it might have on your accessories?